Organizing a Pizza Fundraiser

Published: 21st April 2010
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One of the most popular food people would pick would have to be pizza. It seems that this is reflected on pizza sales that topped $30 billion every year in USA. Everybody loves pizza, it's high in demand and have a wide range of consumers like adults, teens and even young children. Because of this fact, why not host a pizza fundraiser for your group. You are bound to generate a good amount of sales and profit a lot of money for your group.

But how does a pizza fundraiser work? First, your group will need to find a pizza fundraising company or get in touch with a local pizza parlour to host a fundraising event. Or if you need an easy way to make money fast, you can also sell discount cards for local pizza shops. You can't go wrong with theses three options.

If you choose a pizza fundraising company, you will be selling frozen pizzas or pizza kits to your customers. Do-it-yourself Frozen pizza kits can be popped in the oven for a quick meal. The company should offer your group members a frozen pizza catalogue to take orders. You should choose a supplier that has large variety of pizza. Most companies will have the popular choices of pepperoni and cheese, but your pizza fundraiser will be much more successful if there are a variety of pizza flavors for customers to pick from. You have to set a timeline of a few weeks to collect orders and money then place the order with the company. The order will be brought on a refrigerated truck and then you will be in charge for organizing and delivery of the order. The greatest thing about this type of pizza fundraising

is that you collect the profit immediately.

If you decide to have a pizza fundraiser at a neighbourhood pizza restaurant, it is easier than you think. Usually a percentage of sales purchased on your selected fundraising night will go to your group. The pizza restaurant will help you promote the night that you pick to help your organization. However, the profit is less than if you deal with a pizza fundraising company. One advantage of this fundraiser is you will earn your group money on a regular basis if you have this fundraiser once a month.

You can also have a pizza discount card fundraiser. This works by getting in touch with a discount card fundraising company and the local pizza restaurants in your area. Ask them about offering a discount on their pizza. You will then sell the discount cards to customers and raise money for your group. Customers will get a discount at the pizza restaurant.

Lastly, focus your great efforts on high-populated locations and spice up your sales table with attracting slogans and signs to draw more people. Don't forget to explain why you're raising funds and remember to create a clean and attractive display to show off your products.

Whatever pizza fundraiser technique you choose, you're bound to have fun doing it and earn lots of profit for your organization, too.

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