Dress up: A Fashion Show Fundraiser

Published: 21st April 2010
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It doesn't matter what time of year, a fashion show can be an eventful fundraising affair. Who doesn't like to play dress-up? It's fun for the people who are involved in organizing the fashion show fundraiser, for the models strutting the runway, and for everyone who comes to watch. It is especially entertaining for the friends and family watching members show off their stuff.

It's also a great way to get your organization's members, and the community, involved for a good cause. The more members you can get to participate the better, because a fashion show fundraiser takes preparation and passion to be successful.

You will want to start planning a few months beforehand. You'll need to have time to line up members, volunteers, and retailers to provide the fashions being displayed. Several things will need to be taken into consideration.

First you should set a theme that will set the tone for the entire show. The fashion show fundraiser can be based on a holiday or a season. You and your group can brainstorm for ideas. It can be anything from a baby and kids fashion show or more creative. Once you have covered this part you can move on to the actual planning.

You'll need members to sell tickets, put up fliers and posters, beautify the stage, set up dressing areas, play music throughout the show, and help the models during outfit changes. Most significantly, you'll need an emcee to illustrate the clothing as the models stroll the stage. If there aren't enough members in your group to for all the responsibilities, you can reach out into the school or the community for help.

You have to find a great location that has a stage for a catwalk, area for an audience and dressing area. An auditorium with a stage will work well. You can have the models walk across the stage and pause in front and center to give the viewers a good look at the fashions on show. You can have a few improvised dressing areas separated by curtains and rods for the models to dress in. No matter what location you decide on, be sure to reserve it in advance and confirm how many people the site will house so you know how many tickets to sell. Then have your members sell tickets at work, school, church, and anywhere else they may find themselves in contact with potential attendees on a regular basis. The more you advertise about the talent show fundraiser, the better the turnout will be.

You can talk to clothing and accessory store owners to see if they want to donate items in exchange for the exposure. You can even have them sell tickets for the fashion show. After they've seen the clothes on the runway, they may want to duplicate those looks themselves. To obtain models, you can post a request on a local college bulletin board. If you decided to go with a baby fashion show route, you can ask fellow parents at school or at your church. There is no shortage of parents who would love to see their babies modelling cute clothes. After everything is planned and put in place for your fashion show fundraiser, don't forget to have fun!

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